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Mass Times for the

Feast of St. Patrick:

Friday 16th March: 7.30pm (Vigil) St. Maeldoid’s Church                            

                (Please Note: There will be No 7.30pm Mass in St. Patrick's Oram)

Saturday 17th March: 9am St. Patricks Church.                                        

                                    11am St. Maeldoid’s Church.




Prayer to St. Patrick

Most glorious Saint Patrick, Bishop and Confessor,

 chosen by the Almighty to be the Apostle of Ireland,

we, the children of those to whom you preached the Faith of Christ,

never to be renounced,

hail you as the wonderful instrument of God’s

 mercy for the obtaining of our eternal salvation.

Most glorious Apostle and Patron of our island,

submit to the Almighty our every temporal and spiritual want,

that through your intercession,

we may be relieved, in all our necessities through life,

and when called from this world to the glory of God,

we may, to your honour, be found worthy of the faith that is within us,

and of eternal salvation.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.




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Dear Friend,

I am presently receiving much needed restoration, renovation and  resuscitation so that I can continue to be the House of God in the town of Castleblayney and the parish of Muckno. For the past 160 years I have provided shelter and sanctuary for you and for the previous generations of your family; welcoming the thousands of people who have come for happy occasions and offering solace and comfort to all those who came at other times with heavy hearts. Open every day of every year I have lost count of all the people who have come through my doors, many for Mass or one of the Sacraments; others to spend a quiet moment in prayer or light a candle.

Apart from the painting of walls no major help has been given to me since I was extended in the 1950s. In the 1960s some temporary  alterations were made in the sanctuary to take account of the second Vatican Council’s reforms to the liturgy with a view to these being  further developed and made permanent at a later time. I am delighted that the changes which were anticipated fifty years ago are now  happening and I look forward to being a fitting and worthy setting for the celebration of all the Sacraments.

As a friend I am asking for your assistance at this important time in my story. The help which I need is very expensive but if all my friends contribute what they can I have no doubt that the debt can be cleared in a few years.

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Thank you in anticipation and I look forward to serving you and yours again in June 2018 and in the months, years, decades and centuries  beyond!

Yours gratefully and respectfully,

St. Mary’s Church.


 altParish of Muckno ruler


The Parish of Muckno in the Diocese of Clogher is based in and around the town of Castleblayney (Baile na Lorgan) in Co Monaghan, Ireland. Made up of around 1,600 families it has a population of


St. Mary's Cemetery 

just over 5,000. The parish has two churches, St Mary's Castleblayney, and St Patrick's, Oram.

 In addition, it is home to the Sisters of Mercy and the patients and staff of St Mary's Hospital.

The town of Castleblayney is located approximately 100kms north of Dublin, along the N2 route, and some 5kms from the border with Northern Ireland. County Monaghan's largest lake, Lough Muckno, forms the centre of the parish territory. The lake gave its name to the parish and also to a medieval monastic site at Mullandoy on its northern shore. This monastery was founded by St Maoldóid – a member of the Hanratty clan who were rulers of the local kingdom of Uí Meith - and stretches back to at least the second half of the 7th century. The monastery and the termon lands of Muckno (the area north of the lake) had strong links with St Colmcille and the monastic settlement at Iona in Scotland. In fact, it is now believed that the placename Oram is derived from St Odhran of Iona, a relative of Colmcille, whose cult was venerated in this area.

Today, amidst the beautiful surroundings of God's creation, the People of God that form the parish here at this point in time continue to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in union with the Catholic Church throughout the world. As a Christian community, our mission is to share in Christ's prophetic office, to give witness to him "by a life of faith and love and by offering to God a sacrifice of praise" (Second Vatican Council, Lumen Gentium, No. 12).

If you are new to our parish, you are welcome! To register with the parish why not make yourself known to one of our Priests? Or contact the    Parish Office at 042-9740027 (Mon-Fri 9.30am-3.30pm) or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Mass Times

Due to Renovation works to St. Mary's Church, Masses will take place in St. Maeldoid's Church (to the rear of St. Mary's Church)

Saturday: 7.00pm (Vigil)
Sunday: 11.45am
Weekdays: Monday to Thurs: 10.00am   Holy Days of Obligation: 7.30pm

Sacristan: Michael Murphy. 

                       To book Mass Intentions please contact Parish Office