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Bulletin – 28 June 2020

Webcam in St. Mary’s Church: We have updated and changed our webcam provider to offer us a better more reliable be
service. This can be viewed by tuning in to churchservicestv/Muckno or by our home webpage on This
service offers the facility of recording Funerals /Wedding /Special Liturgies. If you wish to record on this service you will need to
contact the Parish Office. (€100 is the suggested donation)
Reopening of our Churches for Congregation Worship: From Monday (June 29th) a restricted numbers of people will be
allowed to be present at all our celebrations of Holy Mass. Social distancing to 2 meters along with other guidelines will have to
be followed. This selection of the congregation will be based on a “ first come basis”. When the maximum number are present
the doors will be closed. To help any overflow of people we are at present installing outside speakers system that will bring the
prayer of Mass to our graveyards and outside surrounds of our churches. To make opportunity available to as many people as
possible we ask you to consider the following:-
 If you attend a weekday Mass, that you then see that as your Sunday Mass and leave the Sunday Mass free for other to
 The 10am Friday morning Mass is reserved for our senior citizens (Pension Day). We ask that you see this as your Sunday
 The 10am Saturday morning Mass in St. Mary’s Church is reserved for all weekend Anniversary Mass Intentions and the
families and friends of same. No Anniversary Intentions at the Vigil or Sunday morning Masses in St. Mary’s Church.
 No Sunday Funerals until further notice.
 Entry to our churches will be only permitted through the front door- not by the side aisles. Doors will only be opened
when Ushers/Cleaners and Priest are satisfied that all requirements and guidelines for safety and hygiene are met.
 Anyone with underlying health concerns should not attend any Mass
 The Sunday obligation for Holy Mass remains suspended.
In light of all of the above and noting the restricted numbers, I encourage you to be generous in your approach to attending
Mass. I suggest you attend one Mass only per week. In reality, I ask of you to take your time and only come back to Mass when
it feels right for you, Covid 19 continues to be a virus that is active and is still claiming many lives. Be patient, do not feel guilty
or pressurized by tradition:- Staying Safe is more important. We all have been blessed by our webcam service over the past 4
months. This Spiritual Connection of Desire remains alive and active and I encourage you to continue to avail of it. All weekend
Masses will be offered for your intentions. All of the above is subject to change at anytime but as things stand are today it is in
place until July 29th
Fr Adrian
Mass Times
St. Mary’s Church St. Patrick’s Church, Oram
Monday—Thursday at 10am Sunday 10am
Friday– 10am Reserved for Senior Citizens
Saturday— 10am Reserved for family and friends of Anniversary Intentions
Saturday – 6pm Vigil
Sunday – 11.30am
Adoration of Blessed Sacrament resumes in St. Mary’s Church on Tuesday and Friday from 2-6pm.
Exposition will take place on the Main Altar and will be available via webcam.

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