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Parish Draw 2021/21

Over the next weeks our loyal group of promoters will be contacting you with
“Tickets” for our new Parish Draw. We ask that you welcome them and support this necessary cause. Our Parish remains in debt to the tune of €1.4 million. Our
monthly repayments is €12,000 and due to Covid-19 our income has been reduced by approx. 25 %, hence the need to continue with this fundraising draw. We are very aware of the difficulties that Covid has brought to all our
lives but we have no option but to continue as best we can. We encourage you all to support this cause by purchasing a ticket. Perhaps you could also encourage other in your family and friends especially those who are living elsewhere; to also support. If no promoter calls with you in person then tickets are also available in the Parish Office.
Thank you in advance for your support

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