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Parish Annual Draw


Muckno Parish Draw Winners March 2018


1stPrize €1,000 Nuala Kelly, Drumcrew Castleblayney

2ndPrize €500 Darren & Maura Mc Quillan, Killycard Castleblayney

3rdPrize €200 Michael Walshe, Creighroe Castleblayney

4thPrize €200 Cora & Liam Murtagh, Derrycreavy, Castleblayney

5thPrize €100 Colm & Rose King, Tullycara, Castleblayney

6th prize €100 M. Maguire, Co/ Fr. Pat

Promoter’s Prize €100 Kathleen Irwin


Winners April 2018


1stPrize €1,000 Michelle Hatchette, Crescent Hill, Castleblayney

2ndPrize €500 Maureen Mc Geough, Oram

3rdPrize €200 Martha Gallagher, Rosevale Castleblayney

4thPrize €200 Gerry Finnegan, Cabra Castleblayney

5thPrize €100 Michael & Christina Murray, Old Coach Manor, Castleblayney

6th prize €100 Claire Mc Skeane, Oram

Promoter’s Prize €100 Padraig Watters

Winners January Draw 2018

1st Prize €1,000: Gertie Mullen, Limavady

2nd Prize €500:Syl Carragher, Tullyharnett.

3rd Prize €200: Stephen Hanratty, Knocktornagh

4th Prize €200:Margaret & Mark Ward, Drumillard.

5th Prize €100:Cathy & Vincent c/o Bernie Laverty

6th Prize €100: Rosie O’Malley,c/o Peggy McCann

Promoter’s Prize €100: Anna Keenan & Terry Burns

Winners February Draw 2018

1st Prize €1,000: The Bolger Family, Drumillard

2nd Prize €500: Kathleen Lambe, Annadrummond.

3rd Prize €200: Rose Morgan, The Willows

4th Prize €200: Rose Loughran, Kinnegan

5th Prize €100: Louise Rooney, Oram

6th Prize €100:Gerry Brennan, c/o Pat Morgan

Promoter’s Prize €100: Kathleen Irwin

Winners November Draw 2017

1st Prize €1,000­­­­­­­­­­­ Castleblayney Trust, Castleblayney

2nd Prize €500 Marcella Malone, Modeece Castleblayney

3rd Prize €200 Sarah Coyle, Blaeberry Walk,  Castleblayney

4th Prize €200 Eamon Martin Mc Mahon, Tattygar, Castleblayney

5th Prize €100 Nuala Johnson, Mulldrumond, Castleblayney

6th Prize €100 Gene and Deirdre Mc Ginn, Market Square, Castleblayney

Promoter’s Prize €100 Olive & Evelyn

Winners December Draw 2017

1st Prize €1,000­­­­­­­­­­­ Helen & Joe Mc Parland, Elm brook, Castleblayney

2nd Prize €500 Gerry Cronin, Conabury, Castleblayney

3rd Prize €200 Shirley Sherdian, Crescent Hill, Castleblayney

4th Prize €200 Betty & Francis Finnegan, Broomfield

5th Prize €100 Francis & Claire Mc Elroy, Annahale, Castleblayney

6th Prize €100 Ella Comiskey, Oram

Promoter’s Prize €100 Martin Carville


Winners November Draw 2017

1st Prize €1,000­­­­­­­­­­­ Castleblayney Trust, Castleblayney

2nd Prize €500 Marcella Malone, Modeece Castleblayney

3rd Prize €200 Sarah Coyle, Blaeberry Walk,  Castleblayney

4th Prize €200 Eamon Martin Mc Mahon, Tattygar, Castleblayney

5th Prize €100 Nuala Johnson, Mulldrumond, Castleblayney

6th Prize €100 Gene and Deirdre Mc Ginn, Market Square, Castleblayney

Promoter’s Prize €100 Olive & Evelyn

Winners December Draw 2017

1st Prize €1,000­­­­­­­­­­­ Helen & Joe Mc Parland, Elm brook, Castleblayney

2nd Prize €500 Gerry Cronin, Conabury, Castleblayney

3rd Prize €200 Shirley Sherdian, Crescent Hill, Castleblayney

4th Prize €200 Betty & Francis Finnegan, Broomfield

5th Prize €100 Francis & Claire Mc Elroy, Annahale, Castleblayney

6th Prize €100 Ella Comiskey, Oram

Promoter’s Prize €100 Martin Carville



Winners of the July 2017 Draw
1St Prize €1,000 - Mrs Maureen Mc Mahon, Main Street, C/blayney
2nd Prize €500 - Paul Murphy, Dundalk Rd, C/blayney
3rd Prize €200 - Gerry Muldoon, Park Rd, Drumillard. C/blayney
4th Prize €200  - Mary & John Mc Ardle, Conabury, C/blayney
5th Prize  €100 - Lilly Sexton , Ardee, Co Louth.
6th Prize €100 - Bernadette Courtney, Broomfeild
Promoter’s Prize €100 Terry Burns /Anna Keenan

Winners of the August 2017 Draw
1st  Prize - €1,000 Paula Coleman, Oghill, C/blayney
2nd Prize - €1,000 Martin & Mary Brady, Dundalk Rd, C/blayney
3rd Prize - €1,000 Irene Connolly, Annahale, C/blayney
4th Prize - €500 John Mooney, Belfast
5th Prize - €500 Ann Cole, Beech Drive, C/blayney
6th Prize - €500 Michelle Duffy, 34 The Crescent, C/blayney
7th Prize - €500 Declan Loughman, Ashling Grove, C/blayney
8th Prize - €500 Bridie Meagan, Annaglaive, C/blayney
9th Prize - €200 Martin & Christine Collins, Beech Drive, C/blayney
10th Prize - €200 The Connolly Family, Doohamlet
11th Prize - €200  Our Lady's Secondary School, C/blayney
12th  Prize - €200 Tony & Vera Mc Aree, Tullyharnett, C/blayney
13th Prize - €200 Marie Duffy - Treanor, Annyalla
14th Prize - €100 Bridie Duffy, York Street, C/blayney
15th Prize - €100 Adrienne Mc Guinness, Oram
16th Prize - €100 Canon John Mc Kenna, Trillick Co. Tyrone
17th Prize - €100 Phylis Murphy,  Drumleek South, Oram
Promoter’s Prize €100  Terry Burns /Anna Keenan, Fr Pat Mc Hugh & Eileen Kerr.


Winners May 2017 Parish Draw

1st Prize Ursula Mc Guigan  Conabury Castleblayney €1,000

2nd Prize Michelle Flanagan Main St. Castleblayney €500

3rd Prize Bronagh Hughes Dundalk Rd Castleblayney  €200

4th Prize Eileen Kerr Killycard Castleblayney €200

5th Prize P & P Finnegan Kildare €100

6th Prize Karen  Loughran €100

Promoters Prize Michael Watters Oram  €100

Winners of the June 2017 

1st Prize P. J. Lambe Annalitten Castleblayney €1,000

2nd Prize Ethan O Connor Dublin  €500

3rd Prize Margaret Finnegan Cabra Castleblayney  €200

4th Prize Anthony Dinkin  Monaghan €200

5th Prize Enda Carville €100

6th Prize Jerry & Ann Duffy Tullycarra €100

Promotors Prize Fr. Pat  Mc Hugh €100


Congratulations to Muckno Parish Draw Winners March & April 2017

March 2017

1st Prize  €1,000   Jackie Crowe,  Drummillard Castleblayney

2nd  Prize €500   Eamon Toal, Tullynacrunnat,  Castleblayney

3rd Prize €200 S & A Tavey, The Willows Castleblayney

4th Prize €200 Sean & Theresa Mulligan, Bree Castleblayney

5th Prize €100 Irene Cairns, Killycard Castleblayney

6th Prize €100 Bernard O Connor, Old Coach Manor Castleblayney

Promoter’s Prize €100 Olive & Hellie

April 2017

1st Prize  €1,000  Cissie & Francis Connolly Tattygar Castleblayney

2nd  Prize €500   Martina & Paddy Carr, Letterkenny Co. Donegal

3rd Prize €200  Andrea Mulligan, Dundalk Rd Castleblayney

4th Prize €200 Brendan Creelman, Coleraine

5th Prize €100 Patrick & Muriel Conlon, Muckno Street  Castleblayney

6th Prize €100 Seamus Morgan, Drumalish, Castleblayney

Promoter’s Prize €100 Dan Mc Nally

Congratulations to January and February

Winners of the Muckno Parish Annual Draw


January Winners 2017

€1,000 Paul Murphy,  Annadrummond, Castleblayney

€500 Maire Liddy, Bree, Castleblayney

€200 Dermot Malone, The Willows, Castleblayney

€200 Patrick Loughran, Camaghy Castleblayney

€100 Gerry Finnegan, Cabra Castleblayney

€100 Dympna Mc Donald, New York

Promoters Prize:  Mai McCarthy The Crescent Castleblayney

February Winners 2017

€1,000 Rose Mullan, Limavady

€500 John Murphy, Church Street, Castleblayney

 €200 Enda Carville, Carrickaslane Co. Monaghan

€200 Niall & Teresa Friel, Annalitten Castleblayney

 €100 Teresa Heneghan, Conabury, Castleblayney

€100 John Mc Keon,  Annadrummond, Castleblayney

Promoters Prize: Eugene Mc Adam,  Killygola  Castleblayney 

In Parish Office Or From Our  Local Promoters




Congratulation's to all November and December Winners

November Winners 2016

€1,000 Mathew Smith, Ashley Motors Dublin

€500 Aileen O Donnell Co Padraig Watters

€200 Fr. Hubert Martin, Glaslough Monaghan

€200 Andrew Sinclair Sally Hughes 

€100 Jean Kerr, Oram 

€100 Ashling and Mary Mc Eneaney,  Cavanaguilla 

Promoters Prize:  Kathleen Irwin, Parish Office

December Winners  2016

€1,000 Carmel Mc Eleavey, Cullaville

€500 Philomena Murphy, Oram 

€200 Eva Gorman, Church Street Castleblayney 

€200 Geraldine Hanratty, Crossmaglen  

€100 Mariea Kelly, Park Rd Castleblayney                    

€100 Mgr Vincent Connolly, Smithboro

Promoters Prize:  Bernie Laverty, Oram 




Muckno Parish Draw 2016/17 Launch photos












Muckno Parish Annual Draw

Winners 2015/16

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Winners July Draw 2015/16

1st Prize €1,000­­­­­­­­­­­ Canon Patrick Marron, Co. Tyrone

2nd Prize €500 Betty Myles, Drumillard C/Blayney

3rd Prize €200 Pauric Loughran, Tullynacrunett C/Blayney

4th Prize €200 Mary & Pauric Flanagan, Drumlin Manor C/Blayney

5th Prize €100 Mairead McCaughey, Broomfeild C/Blayney

6th Prize €100 Bernie Mc Vicar, Annyalla

Promoter’s Prize €100 Anna Keenan & Terry Burns


Winners August Draw 2015/16

1st Prize €1,000­­­­­­­­­­­  Felix Rice Mullaghnee C/Blayney

2nd Prize €1,000  Pete Mc Mahon SuperValu

3rd Prize €1,000 Peter Bogue Mullanaskea

4th Prize €500 Seamus Mc Eneaney  Cavanaquilla C/Blayney

5th Prize €500 Mary Callan, The Crescent C/Blayney

6th Prize €500 Maureen Lynch, Coil Daragh C/Blayney

7th Prize €500 Cissy & Francie Connolly, Tattygar C/Blayney

8th Prize €500 Patrick Cassidy, Carrickmacross

9th Prize €200 Derek Wallace ,The Crescent   C/Blayney

10th Prize €200 Kevin & Cora Maguire, Derrygreavy  C/Blayney

11th Prize €200 Micheal Gallen, Conabury C/Blayney

12th Prize €200 Enda Carville, Carrickaslane Co. Monaghan

13th Prize €200  Aiden Mc Cooey,  Oram

14th Prize €100 Jim Collins, Drumgallen

15th Prize €100 Nora Mulligan, Dublin Road  C/Blayney

16th Prize €100 Maria Denny, Dundalk Rd C/Blayney

17th Prize €100 Fr. Brendan Gallagher, Fivemiletown


Winners March Draw 2016

1stPrize €1,000­­­­­­­­­­­ Lorna Sherry Castleblayney

2ndPrize €500 Eddie Gallagher, Co. Fermanagh

3rdPrize €200 Martin Fox, Oram

4thPrize €200 Patricia Toal, Cavanaquilla

5thPrize €100 Sharon Kelly, Annyalla

6thPrize €100 John & Collette Gallen, Conabury

Promoter’s Prize €100 Cait Quinn

Winners April 2016

1stPrize €1,000­­­­­­­­­­­ David & Susan Funcheon, Castleblayney

2ndPrize €500 Bishop Liam McDaid Monaghan

3rdPrize €200 Peter Donaghy, Corrygary

4thPrize €200 Gerard Caulfield, Scotstown

5thPrize €100 Fr. Pat Lonergan, Garrison

6thPrize €100 Paddy & Anne O Reilly, Lurganmore

Promoter’s Prize €100 Olive and Helen



 November Winners

1st Prizes €1,000: Angela & Seamus Watters, The Willows, Castleblayney

2nd Prize €500: Jim & Anna Duffy, Annaglaive, Castleblayney

3rd Prize €200: Harold Hill, Killygola, Castleblayney

4th Prize €100: Brenda Cleary,Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.

5th Prize €100: Mae Lynch, Killycard, Castleblayney.

6th Prize €100:John O'Connor, Drumillard, Castleblayney

Promotor's Prize: Fr. Pat McHugh

December Winners

1st Prize €1,000 -Frank McEneaney, Monaghan

2nd Prize: €500: Dr. Mary O'Duffy, Errybane, Castleblayney

3rd Prize:€200: Sean McCooey, Drumillard, Castleblayney

4th Prize €200: Sheila Henegan, Dundalk Rd, Castleblayney

3rd Prize €200: Sean McCooey, Drumillard, Castleblayney

5th Prize €100: Eugen McAdam, Killygola, Castleblayney

6th Prize €100: Pat McHugh, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh

Promotor's Prize: Mairead McGuinness


Winners January 2015/16

1st Prize €1,000­­­­­­­­­­­ Margaret Toal, Tullynacrunnet Castleblayney

2nd Prize €500 Patsy Loughran, Cavanaquilla Castleblayney

3rd Prize €200 Lynette McHugh, Kesh Co. Fermanagh

4th Prize €200 Hugh & Catrina Connolly, Annalitten Castleblayney

5th Prize €100 Aidan & Sandra Tavey, The Willows Castleblayney

6th Prize €100 Gaye Ryan, Dundalk Rd Castleblayney

Promoter’s Prize €100 Nudie Hughes

Winners February 2015/16

1st Prize €1,000­­­­­­­­­­­ Frank Morgan, The Willows Castleblayney

2nd Prize €500 Margaret McMahon, Ballinode

3rd Prize €200 Siobhan Flanagan, Kilrea

4th Prize €200 Elaine Courtney, Broomfield

5th Prize €100 Cecila McDonagh, The Cresent Castleblayney

6th Prize €100 John Quinn, Corrintra

Promoter’s Prize €100 Patricia Tavey & Teresa Heneghan