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Mass schedule for period of closure at St. Mary's Church

Arrangements during period of closure at St. Mary’s Church :  

       Monday 19th June 2017- Friday 16th June 2018

Mass Schedule: Mon -Thurs 10am St. Maeldoid’s

                                     Friday 7.30pm St. Patrick’s Church, Oram.

                                     Saturday 11am & 7pm St. Maeldoid’s

                                     Sunday 9am St. Patrick’s Church, Oram

                                                         & 11.45am St. Maeldoid’s

             Weddings & Funerals: by arrangement.

             Baptisms: 3rd Saturday: St. Patrick’s & 4th Sunday St. Maeldoid’s.

             Adoration: Wednesday afternoon – Parish Centre 2-6pm &                                          

                                     Friday evening – St. Patrick’s Church Oram 4-7pm.

Note: Times and venue may change occasionally.



Fundraising Appeal

Muckno Parish Fundraising Appeal

A Gentle Reminder:

Anyone living aboard, maybe just moved a few miles out of town

 or just not able to attend the Parishes Fundraising Events, you can

 now very simply donate online.

 We need the support from everyone in the Christian community,

to make our mark on the inheritance we leave behind for our children

 and the generations to come.  Let's leave a Parish with two beautiful, safe,

and warm Churches to gather for Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, to receive

the Sacraments, for daily and Sunday Mass, to pray together....

this is our future and we need your help!!! 

To Donate just click on the i Donte icon on the bottom corner of the page or 

for more information Telephone 042 9740027

or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We are appealing to your kind generosity, and all assistance is greatly appreciated. 

 "When Everyone Does A Little A Lot Gets Done"

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